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"Starlings Nursery are more than delighted to receive the 'Top 20 Recommended Nursery in London' award for the second year running! Our setting has only been open over two years and staff and management put a lot of hard work into the setting to make it a wonderful place for children and parents. The reviews that parents and carers leave us on Day Nurseries make our job even more rewarding, knowing that we are appreciated for the work we do."
We are currently working with The Healthy Early Years London (HEYL) programme to support and encourage health and wellbeing. HEYL compliments and enhances the statutory Early Years Foundation Stage EYFS which sets the standards to ensure that children learn and develop well and are kept healthy and safe.
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Summer Term 19

The Starlings children have ended their Summer term learning about the topic of Space & the Solar System. The feedback from our lovely parents on what their child has spoken about at home has proven this to be one of our most effective topics! All the children have really enjoyed learning the names of all 8 planets and some fun facts about them. Please see our displays of the children’s artwork including papier-mâché planets!

The Little Robins children have been covering two of our most popular core stories which are ‘The 3 Little Pigs' & ‘Goldilocks & The 3 Bears’ for their topics. Please see the 3 Little Pigs houses which the children created from boxes using natural & art resources which represent them in the story.


Spring Term 19 (3-4yrs)


The Starlings children had weeks of fun with their last topic following the story of ‘What The Ladybird Heard.’ Each week they focussed on an animal from the book, completing a range of activities that support their learning of that animal. The children peeled boiled hen eggs to make their own egg sandwiches, they competed in animal races, galloping like a horse and waddling like a duck. They also pretended to sheer a sheep! Please see our fantastic animals the children made using papier mache and junk modelling.


Spring Term 19 (2-3yrs)

To start the New Year the children focussed on the topic ‘Senses.’ Here are some of the activities the children did which incorporated the 5 senses:

Taste - The children participated in a tasting activity, trying different fruits from around the world. Tasting the lemons was an interesting one!

Touch - They felt different textures through messy play, i.e. shaving foam & cooked noodles!

Smell - The children smelt a variety of different spices. Garlic was a strong one!

Hearing - The children listened to audio stories and went outside on a listening walk. Afterwards, we spoke about the noises we could hear e.g.; Trains, birds & wind!

Vision – We hid an object in the nursery and the children had to find the object that was described!

Autumn Term 18(2-3yrs)

The Little Robins topic this term has been ‘On the Farm’. They have taken part in lots of arts and crafts. They made foot print chickens by dipping their little feet in paint and making marks on paper. They then decorated the chicken with feathers and they also made sheep using animal prints and  cotton wool.

They learnt about the chicken and the egg, they tried to crack open an egg their selves, which was lots of fun!

We used different sized boxes to make a large cow. The children painted it white and made the black spots out of hand prints and sticking black paper. 

The children went on a trip to Belmont farm. They got to see lots of farm animals like cows, sheep, goats & ponies. The children fed the animals and even got to stroke some. They also went on a Tractor around the farm and saw even more animals, including a reindeer!

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Autumn Term 18(3-4yrs)

For the Starlings topic they have been focussing on 'Our family.' They really enjoyed this topic as they got to share family stories and speak about the people that mean the most to them. Parents sent in photos for us to make a photo album where the children can share their photos with their friends.

The children completed a range of art activities including drawing their family members, creating where they live using junk modelling and also learning about their family tree.